• Carrie Portz, President
  • Blake K. Baxter, Vice President
  • Nancy Baxter, Secretary
  • Donna Bigler, Treasurer

Blue Mounds Area Historical Society would also like to thank past officers: Cindy Downs, Brian Lichte, Thea Sklenar, Cindy McIntosh, and Pat Maclean.

Our historical society has done many wonderful things these past few years and since our inception in 2005, our goal has been to live up to our mission statement:


“ To protect, preserve, interpret, and increase the public awareness of the natural, social, and architectural history of the Blue Mounds Area.”


Over the years we have hosted many successful programs and events including the book signing by Robert A. Birmingham whom authored a book on Fort Blue Mound, a Cave Art program focusing on southern WI cave art, jam and pie workshops, our well-loved STEP INTO THE PAST rendezvous, hosting the Capital Region Conference for area societies, two Gunnar Johansen Archive Center openings and programs by Mr. James Colias, programs at the Blue Mound State Park amphitheater, and programs and displays related to our village centennial in 2012 that culminated with a costumed historical tour by Mr. Brian Lichte. We were fortunate enough to be able to raise funds to refurbish and rededicate the Fort Blue Mound historical marker at a well-attended event including Sondy Pope-Roberts, Jon Erpenbach and Kathleen Falk.


These are the types of programming and projects our society strives to be able to bring to our community and area. We are in the process of cataloging our newest additions to our collection from the Arneson and Minix collection as well. We have preserved and cataloged hundreds of photographs, documents, letters and many three dimensional items in our 9 years of existence due to the generosity of many persons and the hard work of Joan Schneeberger, Carrie Portz and myself.


In order to continue our mission and have the rich history of our area shared, we need YOU! We need volunteers to meet with us at our monthly meetings, join a committee, assist with a project or cataloging. We have fun while we do these events and projects and is not just “work”, and in order to flourish as a society we need to grow and have our members contribute not just monetarily (which is wonderful), but also take a vested interest in the operation of our society. Whether you can come to the meetings, or come quarterly, would be willing to help with the collection, edit the newsletter, help head a steering committee or quarterly board to manage the colllection, we need you NOW! Please consider how you can help our society remain vital and what talents you can share with our group.


Thank you and have a wonderful spring and summer!







Our October 21st program and book signing to mark the launch of the publication of Professor Robert A. Birmingham’s”Life, Death, and Archaeology at Fort Blue Mounds: A Settler’s Fortification During the Black Hawk War” was a wonderful event and incredibly well attended. We partnered with the Barneveld Public Library, Wisconsin Historical Society Press, and Village of Barneveld/Town of Brigham for this one day event. Professor Birmingham had the rapt attention of those in attendance as he spoke of the history of the fort during the Black Hawk War, the excavations at the fort site in the 1990’s and the archeological finds, as well as the recent refurbishing of the original historic marker at the fort site by BMAHS in 2010 and our efforts to have the site preserved. The event culminated with a book signing and ice cream social. The historical society is looking to obtain additional copies of the book to sell at this time. For more information, please email us at: bluehistory1912@gmail.com

Per our board the following are our nominal fees:

Genealogy Research            $20 minimum for the first hour, $15 per hour followingMicrofilm Copying               $ 1 each copy

Document Copying                 $.50 each copy

Archival Photos Scanned or Printed   $ 5 each photo

Photos printed on plain paper             $1 each

Photos saved on a disc                      $1 each disc

Use of a digital image                         $15 plus credit listed for Blue Mounds Area Historical Society



The Blue Mounds Area Historical Society began in late 2004. Affiliation with the State Historical Society was completed in June of 2005.

Projects of interest to the society are:

  • Compiling an oral history of the area
  • Preservation of the historic Fort Blue Mounds site
  • Creating a traveling exhibit for display
  • Creating a walking tour of historic Blue Mounds
  • Obtaining a building for permanent displays of historic artifacts

Our Mission:  “To protect, preserve, interpret, and increase the public awareness of the natural, social, and architectural history of the Blue Mounds Area.”

Officers of the Blue Mounds Area Historical Society:

President: Cindy Downs

Vice President: Brian Lichte

Secretary: Pat Maclean

Archivist: Carrie Portz

Those wishing to contribute artifacts or items of interest, or make financial contributions should contact Cindy Downs at 608-516-1832.

For information about the group or to make donations,

Please contact:

Cindy Downs at 608.561.1832 or email bluehistory1912@gmail.com

or Brian Lichte at 608.437.1435